Notistack is combination of the words notification and stack. It is a library which makes it extremely easily for javascript developers to display notifications on their web  applications. It is free, open-source and available to the javascript community to download through npm registry.

Ever since I published the first version, notistack gained traction and with the help of open-source community we’ve been adding new features with every release.


People seem to love notistack because of:

• simplicity of integration to their existing apps,

• it’s imperative API which allows them to display notifications with a call of a function,

• and the fact that it’s highly customizable, while adhering to Material Design Guidelines.


Aug 2018

Human hours


What notistack involved (stack)



Push notifications with a call of a function

notistack has been downloaded times from NPM registry.

Last month alone it had downloads.

+5,200 projects depend on notistack. (source: GitHub)

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