App Review Optimization

ARO stands for Application Review Optimization. It is an end-to-end solution to improve application ratings on platforms such as App Store and Google Play Store.

ARO analyses application reviews at scale and uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to detect any review that violates terms of service of the platform it was left on. After assessment and classification of the reviews, application vendors can send a developer response for a certain class of reviews, or submit a removal request for invalid ones, which in turn improves their application ratings.

Through an easy-to-use dashboard built in React and PHP, ARO enables users with non-technical knowledge to train an AI model and make business decisions based on its predictions.

My Role

- Working directly with product owner, I was working as a Machine Learning and React developer with other members of the team at Ashley Bolser Agency.

- Responsible for design and implementation of new features and maintenance of the codebase.

- Translating product requirements into technical solutions.

- Integrated profanity classifier into ARO. (more info in works page)


Jun 2018 - Feb 2019

Human hours


What app review optimization involved (stack)

symphony 4
natural language processing
Ashley Bolser Agency. Leeds, UK

App Review Optimization

Boost your application ratings

KFC,, Discovery Channel and many more are leveraging ARO to improve their application ratings.

React optamization to avoid unnecessary re-renders.

Code splitting to improve server-side rendering performance.